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Upcoming Interview with Jason Isaacs!

I know I have not posted here in forever, however now because of the work I do with my site and press I tend to use twitter more than anything (@scifivision). I do plan on updating this journal eventually but for now, I did want to at least post here about this since I know some of you may be interested.

I found out today that I will be participating in a conference call with Jason Isaacs to promote "Awake" on NBC on Friday.

I always try to tweet live during the call with quotes, so please be sure to follow me @scifivision and look there for more updates and info. The article/transcript will go up after the call at

Also I recently met Rhys Ifans (Xenophilius Lovegood) in Orlando at the Syfy Digital Press Tour, you can read more about that and see photos at this direct link and much more at

Special Guest Kenton Duty on Lost Causes!

Come join us at Lost Causes and our special guest, Kenton Duty, who plays the mysterious teenage boy, revealed last night to be Jacob, on Lost. He will be taking questions from callers or you can submit your questions there on the blog or in the live chat. Show starts at 10pm eastern, followed by our discussion of this week's episode, Across the Sea.

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The article for the interview with Alan Dale is finally up. You can find the article on the main page at Media Blvd., or you can go to it directly.

Note that this article is based on the private interview I conducted and not the "Lost Causes" podcast, so check it out. You can still download the podcast as well. I'm hoping to get the audio from this interview up soon as well, especially since I could only get part of The X-Files comments into the article.
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William Mapother Article

The article for the interview with William Mapother is finally up. You can find the article on the main page at Media Blvd., or you can go to it directly.

The article for Alan Dale will be up soon! Stay tuned for more from LOST on our show Lost Causes, where you can always download or stream any episode that you missed!

Special Guest Alan Dale of LOST (Charles Widmore) on Lost Causes tomorrow!

We will be having another special guest from LOST tomorrow at 8pm eastern on Lost Causes! Alan Dale, who plays Charles Widmore, will be joining us to take your questions. Don't forget you can either submit questions or call in live! Our normal show will follow at 10pm. There will of course be an article coming at Media Blvd. as well.
Lost Causes

Special Guest William Mapother of Lost (Ethan Rom) on Lost Causes!

William Mapother of Lost will be joining us on LOST CAUSES on Monday March 15th at 8pm eastern! Be sure to join us! Call in live with your questions, or you can post questions by commenting on BTR or on thelostcauses!

I'm also doing an interview for an article at MediaBlvd. as well that will be up soon!

Also, if you are having difficulty listening to our last podcast (sometimes the sound is corrupted/buzzy) I have been told that BTR is fixing it, and evidently if you download it, it sounds all right. If it's not fixed soon I will reair the episode.